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 Successful housebreaking takes a lot of patience. A crate serves several purposes and is by far easiest way to housebreak your new Yorkie. Dogs are den animals and are happy to go to their crate when they rest undisturbed or to feel safe and secure.
 Dogs are naturally inhibited from relieving themselves when confined to a limited area, which is why most owners choose to crate train their dogs.
The crate should contain a bed. Use something soft like a large towel or a fleece blanket bed. The crate should be large enough for your Yorkie to turn around. Do not feed or water your Yorkie in the crate. The crate is for short term stays like a trip in the car, while you go out to dinner or to the store or when you do not have time to monitor your little Yorkie. It is not meant for long term stays like when you are at work.
  You must think of the crate as you would a playpen for a child when you can not directly supervise them. The crate will keep your Yorkie from hurting itself or being destructive towards your furniture. You will know that once your Yorkie is in the crate that he or she is safe and out of trouble. Keep in mind that the crate is not a punishment device because dogs do not understand this punishment. The crate gives you a reason to come home and praise your Yorkie for being good instead of yelling at the Yorkie for the mess they made while you were gone.
Responding "after" your Yorkie has had an accident makes for a bad housebreaking experience for you and your Yorkie, it also makes your Yorkie fear you. Your dog will not understand what they are be punished for. Remember they do not speak your language. Never hit or punish a dog to housebreak it. Your Yorkie will respond to you better if it has a wagging tail then when its tail is between its legs. Your Yorkie learns faster if it is having fun (which you can identify by its wagging tail). Your Yorkie will not respond if all you do is yell at it.  Most people are firm believers in the positive training methods because they can achieve results faster with them.
 Is there a sure way of house breaking a Yorkie? Yes, by being consistent. Pay attention to what your Yorkie is doing. If you do not have time to watch your Yorkie then crate him/her. Before crating make sure your Yorkie goes outside and remember when you remove your Yorkie from the crate to also take her/him outside first. How long does it take to housebreak a Yorkie? How long can you be consistent? Each dog and its trainer is different. If you are training your Yorkie to go outside to potty, the more accidents you have inside the longer it will take to to housebreak your Yorkie. DO NOT give your new Yorkie run of the house until it is housebroken. You will not be able to watch and react to what your dog is doing.
How often does my Yorkie need to go out? As soon as he or she wakes up in the morning or from a nap. You should take it out right after eating. Your yorkie should be taken out after every time you play with them indoors. They should go out just before you put them to bed for the night or anytime before you put them back in the crate. They should go out every couple of hours in between activities.
The main thing is to be consistent with your method and you will have your yorkie housebroken in no time. The best secret to housebreaking any dog is to watch your dog all the time. If you can keep your dog from having accidents in the house your yorkie will take less time to housebreak.
 I have read many different ways to housebreak a dog. I think trying to find housebreaking utopia is the main problem in getting any dog housebroken.. Above all be consistent and your Yorkie will be housebroken in no time. The real secret to housebreaking any dog is to watch your dog all the time. If you can keep your dog from having accidents in the house your Yorkie will take less time to housebreak.
. Do not push their nose in the potty; it is natural for them to go potty. Your dog will not know why you are doing this. This action only makes your dog afraid to go potty and then you have two things to correct
 You need to begin potty training day one. The first thing you need to do when you get your Yorkie is to say hello and let it go potty. Pick a spot in your yard that you want your Yorkie to use as its potty area. Place your Yorkie in this area and tell it to "go potty" or some other word you would like to use (remember always use the same word, be consistent). Keep repeating the word till your Yorkie goes potty, then praise him or her.
 You can also give a special reward like a small treat that they only get when they go potty. I give my yorkies a piece of honeycomb cereal and they love it. Soon as they go potty I ask them if they want a cookie and they head for the door and can't wait to get back inside for their piece of honeycomb cereal. If you do not wait for your Yorkie to go potty, he or she will go as soon as they get in the house, which is not your objective. Always, always praise your Yorkie for doing a good job so he or she will do it again on command when they hear the words "go potty". You will spend a lot of time in the first couple of days waiting and hoping for the big moment, just remember if he/she does not do it outside they will do it inside.
The more accidents your puppy has inside the harder it will be to housebreak her/him. If you see your dog going potty in the house, the key word here is "see", this is not the same as finding potty in your house and knowing that your dog is the only one who could have done it. If the latter is the case, just clean it up and do nothing to the dog. If you catch your Yorkie in the act, move quickly pick your Yorkie up and take it to its potty place. Use the phrase "go potty" or select your own phrase. Once it finishes it's business praise your Yorkie. Praising your Yorkie is the most important part as your Yorkie wants to please you. Giving her/him a treat will speed up the process too.
Do not rush your Yorkie when potty training, it may be cold or rainy or you may tired, if you make this a bad experience for your Yorkie it will take considerably longer to house train. Remember your new friend does not speak the language but they can tell if you are happy with them or not base on how you speak and treat them.
 If you take your dog out at night but he/she will not defecate but as soon as you bring it back in the house the dog defecates, you know your dog did have to go but you did not wait long enough for them to do their business. Make sure you give your Yorkie enough time to go and do not play with the dog or let it play with anything while you are waiting for them to go potty. Again the main thing to housebreaking your new Yorkie puppy is being consistent.